gross neglect of duty

gross neglect of duty
As a ground for divorce:–neglect attended with circumstances of indignity or aggravation; such a glaring, shameful neglect of marital duties as to be obvious from common understanding and inexcusable under all the relevant facts of the case. Morris v Morris, 132 Okla 291, 270 P 833. By a public officer:–a dereliction which, from the gravity of the situation or the frequency of instances, becomes so serious as to endanger or threaten the public welfare; not necessarily inclusive of every instance of wilful neglect or intentional official wrongdoing. Attorney-General, ex rel. Rich v Jochim, 99 Mich 358, 58 NW 611. Clearly beyond mere inadvertence. Clemens v State, 176 Wis 289, 185 NW 209, 21 ALR 1490. Acting with such an utter disregard of consequences as to suggest something of an intent to cause injury. Astin v Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. 143 Wis 477, 128 NW 265.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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