An itemized list or schedule of articles in a stock of goods or merchandise, usually including notations of values. 29A Am J Rev ed Ins § 946. The foundation of the bookkeeping required by the bookkeeping clause of a fire insurance policy covering a stock of merchandise. Hartford Fire Ins. Co. v Farris, 116 Va 880, 83 SE 377. A list of the goods and merchandise to be offered at an auction sale, sometimes setting forth the cost of the several items; an inventory of all goods and merchandise sold at an auction sale, giving the prices received for the items listed. Steinberg-Baum & Co. v Countryman, 247 Iowa 923, 77 NW2d 15. A list made by an officer serving a writ of execution of the items of personal property subjected to the levy. 30 Am J2d Exec § 298. A list made by the sheriff or other officer to whom a writ of attachment was issued, of the property seized by him in serving the writ. 6 Am J2d Attach § 310. A list made by an executor or administrator of the personal assets of the decedent. 31 Am J2d Ex & Ad §§ 209 et seq. A complete list, to be prepared and filed by a trustee in bankruptcy or a trustee in an arrangement or reorganization proceeding in the bankruptcy court, of all the property of the bankrupt or debtor that comes into his possession, except where a receiver or other officer of the court has previously prepared and filed such an inventory. 9 Am J2d Bankr § 1259. A schedule to be made and filed by a bankrupt showing the amount and kind of property owned by him the location thereof, and its money value, in detail. 9 Am J2d Bankr § 378. A detailed list of property to be prepared, verified, and filed by a bankrupt, when required by the court, showing the cost to him of his merchandise or of such other property as may be designated, as of the date of his bankruptcy. 9 Am J2d Bankr § 381.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

(as of the goods of a merchant or of a deceased person), , , , ,

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