loading and unloading

loading and unloading
The transfer of cargo from wharf or landing to ship and from ship to wharf or landing. 48 Am J1st Ship § 381. A comparable operation in the transportation of goods, merchandise, or other articles by land carrier. 13 Am J2d Car § 319. The business of a wharfinger. 56 Am J1st Whar § 19. As a general rule, the carrier has the primary duty to load and unload goods or inanimate freight shipped in less than carload lots, and is liable for damages resulting from its failure to perform that duty in a proper manner. The shipper or consignee, however, has the duty to load and unload freight shipped in carload lots, or where for the shipper's convenience the cars to be loaded or unloaded are placed at his warehouse or on public tracks. 13 Am J2d Car § 319. See complete operation doctrine; loading and unloading clause.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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