purgation by oath

purgation by oath
The ancient practice whereby the defendant cleared himself of a criminal charge by a denial of it under oath or by the aid of compurgators who swore to his innocence. The filing in a contempt proceeding of a verified categorical denial of a charge of criminal contempt, thereby disposing of the case in contempt, but leaving the accused punishable for perjury in the event his oath is false. Osborne v Purdome (Me) 244 SW2d 1005, 29 ALR2d 1141, cert den 343 US 953, 96 L Ed 1354, 72 S Ct 1046, reh den 343 US 988, 96 L Ed 1375, 72 S Ct 1072.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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