quo warranto

quo warranto
Literally, by what authority. A high prerogative writ at common law. A writ of inquiry as to the warrant for doing the acts of which complaint is made. The remedy or proceeding by which the sovereign or state determines the legality of a claim which a party asserts to the use or exercise of an office or franchise and ousts the holder from its enjoyment, if the claim is not well founded, or if the right to enjoy the privilege has been forfeited or lost. 44 Am J1st Quo W § 2. A demand made by the state upon an individual or corporation to show by what right such individual or corporation exercises some franchise or privilege appertaining to the state which, accord- 1050 ing to the constitution and laws of the land, cannot be legally exercised in the absence of a grant or authority from the state. State v Perkins, 138 Kati 899, 28 P2d 765. The common-law remedy for contesting an election. 26 Am J2d Elect § 316.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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