reasonable rate

reasonable rate
A rate charged by a carrier in such amount as to provide a reasonable compensation for its services and no more. 13 Am J2d Car § 106. A rate charged by a public service company which is not oppressive to those served or confiscatory from the standpoint of the company; a rate which provides the company a fair return on its investment and no more. Brymer v Butler Water Co. 179 Pa 231, 36 A 249. See fair return. reasonable regulation. A regulation which is a proper exercise of the legislative power in protecting the public and providing safeguards for its interest, considering the nature of the condition sought to be remedied, the purpose of the regulation, the means of regulation adopted, and the relation between the purpose and the means. 16 Am J2d Const L §§ 278 et seq.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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