Restoration of a person or a thing from a position from which he or it has been removed. South v Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, 86 Ky 186, 190, 5 SW 567. The act of an employer in taking back an employee previously discharged. Restoration of a civil service employee to his former position following his removal, suspension, or transfer to another position. 15 Am J2d Civ S § 42. Restoration to membership in a body, such as a labor union. 31 Am J1st Lab §§ 67, 68. The restoration of membership in a mutual benefit society following a lapse, suspension, or expulsion. 36 Am J2d Frat ) § 74. An order for the continuation of an action following a dismissal or nonsuit, 24 Am J2d Dism § 79, leaving the case in the position in which it stood prior to the dismissal or nonsuit. To reinstate a case means simply to place again in the position enjoyed prior to dismissal. An order of court granting a motion to reinstate the case does not say that the plaintiff shall be permitted to file a new complaint, or that he shall be entitled to a new trial. United States v Green (CA9 Mont) 107 F2d 19.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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