A term of dual meaning, sometimes meaning a temporary, permanent, or transient character of abode; at other times meaning one's fixed abode or domicil. 25 Am J2d Dom § 4. Sometimes a mere physical presence in a place; at other times an abiding in a place with intent to make it one's home. Manufacturers' Mut. Ins. Co. v Friedman, 213 Ark 9, 209 SW2d 102, 1 ALR2d 557; People ex rel. Heydenreich v Lyons, 374 111557, 30 NE2d 46, 132 ALR 511; Dixie Fire Ins. Co. v McAdams (Tex Civ App) 235 SW2d 207, 41 ALR2d 714. Sometimes a temporary, at other times an actual or permanent, abiding place. 2 Am J2d Adopt § 52. A word having a variety of meanings dependent upon the context in which it is employed as well as the subject matter involved, Hughes v Illinois Public Aid Co. 2 Ill 2d 374, 118 NE2d 14, 43 ALR2d 1421, sometimes meaning domicil, at other times not. State v Garford Trucking, 4 NJ 346, 72 A2d 851, 16 ALR2d 1407. A dwelling house. Under the provision of the Uniform Negotiable Instruments Act for sending notice of dishonor of a bill or note to the residence of an indorser, the term "residence" is not used in a strict sense as necessarily implying a permanent, exclusive, or actual abode in the place, but it may be satisfied by a temporary, partial, or even constructive residence. 11 Am J2d B & N § 856. As to requisite residence for purposes of old age assistance, Anno: 43 ALR2d 1427. As to relationship between "residence" and "domicil" under venue statutes, see Anno: 12 ALR2d 757. See domicil; inhabitancy; legal residence; one residence; one residence only.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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