The work in which one is regularly or usually engaged, the activity in which he spends the major portion of his time, and from which he makes a living. La Belle v Hennepin County Bar Asso. 206 Minn 290,288 NW 788,125 ALR 1023; a commercial enterprise, conducted for monetary reward, as distinguished from a religious or charitable enterprise. Anno: 42 ALR2d 538. As used in the immigration laws, intercourse of a commercial character, not including temporary visits for the purpose of performing labor for hire. Karnuth v United States, 279 US 231, 73 L Ed 677, 49 S Ct 274. That which occupies one's time and engages his efforts in fulfilling his responsibilities; commerce and trade; an establishment where trade or commerce is conducted; commercial policy; activities in a dramatic production which round out the representation by supplementing the reading of the lines by the actors. The term "business" means "busyness"; it implies that one is kept more or less busy, that the activity is an occupation. Generally, carrying on a business implies an occupational undertaking to which one habitually devotes time, attention, and effort, with substantial regularity. Anno: 46 ALR2d 656. The practice of law is included within a statute granting cities authority to raise revenue by levying a license fee or tax "on any business" within the limits of the city, notwithstanding previous construction of the statute not to include the practice of law because of another statute enumerating the businesses subject to municipal license, tax, and regulation and not including in its enumeration the practice of law, and because of the repeal of another statute permitting cities to license and tax lawyers, where a subsequent amendment provides that no enumeration of municipal power shall be deemed to limit or restrict the general grant of authority. Davis v Ogden City, 117 Utah 315, 215 P2d 616, 223 P2d 412, 16 ALR2d 1208. A restrictive covenant against the use of property for any "business purpose" is not violated by the erection of a church building. Wiggins v Young, 206 Ga 440, 57 SE2d 486, 13 ALR2d 1237.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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