1. The first letter of the English alphabet, deriving from the Greek "alpha." 2. The indefinite article. 3. One or any one, depending upon the entire context in which it appears. State v Martin, 60 Ark 343, 30 SW 421 (holding that a constitutional provision of a constitution for "a judge" for each circuit is not a limitation upon the power of the legislature to provide for an additional judge); First Trust Joint Stock Land Bank v Armstrong, 222 Iowa 425, 269 NW 502; Snowden v Guion, 101 NY 458, 5 NE 322 (holding that a policy insuring against loss by "a sea" covers damage to ship or cargo caused by a succession of heavy waves.) 4. An abbreviation, although not recommended, of acre. 5. An algebraic symbol of a known quantity. 5. Symbolizing, when encircled, computation at a designated rate, for example, "interest \@ 6%." 6. An abbreviation of the Welsh ap. 7. Latin: Used interchangeably with "ab" and abs," as the context requires, for prepositions: -from; after; in; on; of; out of; because of; with. 8. French: Often appearing in the form "a" in expressions having legal significance as a preposition: -to; from; at; on; in; for; with.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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