distress warrant

A term of variable meaning. In some jurisdictions, a judicial writ in the nature of an execution. Inhabitants of Baileyville v Lowell, 20 Me 178, 182. In other jurisdictions, a writ within a requirement that all writs run in the name of the state, but not judicial process within the requirement of having such process returnable before a court or justice of the peace. State ex rel. Myers v Hodge, 129 W Va 820, 42 SE2d 23. In another jurisdiction, a mere power of attorney by which a landlord delegates the exercise of his right of distraint to an agent. Re Koizim, (DC NJ) 52 F Supp 357. In some jurisdictions, a remedy for the collection of taxes. 28 Am J Rev ed Inher T § 455.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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