administrator of decedent's estate

A person appointed by the probate court, in accordance with the governing statutes, to administer and settle intestate estates and such testate estates as have no competent executor designated by the testator. 31 Am J2d Ex & Ad § 1. Although the position which he holds is frequently referred to as an office, he is not a public officer within the commonly accepted meaning of that term. It has been better said that the position of an administrator merely resembles an office, and that more strictly speaking it is a trust. 31 Am J2d Ex & Ad § 2. See ancillary administrator; coadministrator; domiciliary administrator; foreign administration. general administrator; letters of administration. plene administravit; public administrator; revocation of letters testamentary; special administrator; special letters of administration; temporary administrator.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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