fair cash value

Actual cash value. The price which the property in question will bring in a fair market, after fair and reasonable efforts have been made to find the purchaser who will give the highest price; the fair or reasonable cash price for which the property can be sold in the market. Birmingham Fire Ins. Co. v Pulver, 126 Ill 329, 18 NE 804. The term as used in a statute providing that, upon a merger or consolidation of corporations, a dissenting stockholder shall be entitled to receive a "fair cash value" of his shares, means the intrinsic worth of his stock, which is to be arrived at after an appraisal of all the elements of value. Adams v United States Distributing Corp. 184 Va 134, 34 SE2d 244, 162 ALR 1227.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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