A word of great flexibility, its meaning varying according to the connection in which it appears. Tomlyanovich v Tomlyanovich, 239 Minn 250, 58 NW2d 855, 50 ALR2d 108. Primarily, the collective body of persons who live in one house and under one head or management; secondarily, those persons who are of the same lineage, or have descended from one common progenitor. Dodge v Boston & P. R. Co. 154 Mass 299, 28 NE 243. Within the meaning of welfare statutes:-those, and only those, persons for whose support and maintenance the law requires the person who seeks relief to provide. Newbury v Brunswick, 2 Vt 151. For some purposes, synonymous with household, as in the clause of an automobile theft insurance policy excluding theft by a member of the household. 7 Am J2d Auto Ins § 56. As the word appears in the rule that services rendered for a member of the "family" are presumed to have been rendered gratuitously:–persons living together in a state of mutual dependence irrespective of how close the tie of blood between them may be. Robinson v Johnson, 119 Kan 639, 240 P 962. As used in an exemption statute:–those who reside with, or compose the household of, the debtor. 22 Am J2d Exemp § 27. For the purposes of a statutory exemption of the homestead:–two or more persons who reside in a common household under the direction of one of them who is designated expressly or impliedly the head of the family. 26 Am J1st Home § 68. As used in the charter of, or certificate issued by, a mutual benefit association:–parents, wife, children, brothers, sisters, or other relatives, even stepchildren so long as they comprise a part of the household of the member. 38 Am J2d Frat O § 143. As used in those provisions of workmen's compensation acts which specify persons entitled to compensation as dependents of a deceased employee:–persons having an abode in common with the employee as the single head or in single management of the group. 58 Am J1st Workm Comp § 172. Within the meaning of a statute providing for substituted service of process by leaving a copy with one of defendant's family:–persons living together permanently and continuously within the same domestic establishment, irrespective of what the blood relationship, if any, between them may be. 42 Am J1st Proc § 63. Expressly defined in some zoning laws:–any number of persons living or cooking together as a single housekeeping unit; a number of individuals living together on the premises as a single nonprofit housekeeping unit, including domestic servants. Carroll v Arlington County, 186 Va 575, 44 SE2d 6, 172 ALR 1169. In reference to free transportation of the employee of a carrier or the members of his "family":–wife, parents or children of the employee living in the same household with him in a state of mutual dependence or reciprocal duties beyond those arising from the ties of consanguinity. Wentz v Chicago, B. & Q. R. Co. 259 Mo 450, 168 SW 1166. But not all members of the household for the purposes of a clause in a fire insurance policy covering wearing apparel of the insured and his "family." 29 Am J Rev ed Ins § 303. As used in a statute providing for an allowance out of the estate of a decedent for his "family":–the widow and minor children of the decedent; the widow alone, if she has no children or no children who are minors; broadly defined by some authorities as including all persons who constituted the family of the decedent at the time of his death. 21 Am J2d Ex & Ad §§ 329-331. Appearing in a will, the term "family" has such a variety of meanings that little of a general nature can be said as to its proper interpretation. 57 Am J1st Wills § 1392. Much depends upon the context of the entire will or of the pertinent portion. Anno: 154 ALR 1414. Sometimes, it means children or wife and children; at other times, a group of persons related to each other by marriage or blood living together under a single roof and comprising a household the head of which is usually the father or husband. 57 Am J1st Wills § 1392. See branch; consanguinity; member of household; members of a family; relative.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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