good faith

Fairness and equity. The antithesis of fraud and deceit. Acting in the absence of circumstances placing a man of ordinary prudence on inquiry. Pennington County Bank v First State Bank, 110 Minn 263, 125 NW 119 (accepting a forged check.) Acting with a sincere belief that the accomplishment intended is not unlawful or harmful to another. Smith v State, 214 Ind 169, 13 NE2d 562 (a physician prescribing a narcotic drug.) Acting in the belief that a prudent and sensible man would hold in the ordinary conduct of his own business affairs. Kelly v Fourth of July Mining Co. 21 Mont 291, 53 P 959 (issuance of stock.) Absence of improper motive and of a negligent disregard of the rights of others. Allen v Pioneer Press Co. 40 Minn 117, 41 NW 936 (rebutting malice in utterance or publication alleged to be defamatory.) Acting without culpable negligence or a wilful disregard of the rights of others and in the honest and reasonable belief that the act is rightful. Anno: 21 ALR2d 393 (a trespasser upon land taking property therefrom.)

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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