irresistible impulse

A form of insanity, frequently termed "impulsive insanity," by which a person is irresistibly impelled to the commission of an act, for example, the killing of a person. 29 Am J Rev ed Ins Per § 3. A product of mental insanity, as distinguished from moral insanity. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 36. An impulse to commit an act, otherwise criminal, which one is powerless to control in consequence of a disease of the mind or brain, although he may be able to comprehend the nature and consequences of his act and know that it is wrong. 21 Am J2d Crim L § 36. An impulse produced by and growing out of some mental disease affecting the volitive as distinguished from the perceptive powers, so that the person afflicted, while able to understand the nature of the consequences and to perceive that the act is wrong, is unable because of such mental disease to resist the insane impulse to do it. Durham v United States, 94 App DC 228, 214 F2d 862, 45 ALR2d 1430 Insanity constituting a ground for divorce, where generated by a diseased mind. Willis v Willis (Mo App) 274 SW2d 621. It is essential carefully to distinguish between instances of irresistible impulse and those situations where persons in the possession of their reasoning faculties are impelled by passion to the commission of acts which in their calmer moments would prove repulsive. Mutual Life Ins. Co. v Terry (US) 15 Wall 580, 21 L Ed 236.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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