joint tortfeasors

Two or more persons who unite in committing a tort, or whose acts concur in contributing to and producing a single indivisible injury upon a third person. 52 Am J1st Torts §§ 110 et seq. Two or more persons jointly or severally liable in tort for the same injury to person or property, whether or not judgment has been recovered against all or some of them. Anno: 34 ALR2d 1108 (referring to Joint Tortfeasor Act of the Uniform Laws.) To make tortfeasors liable jointly, there must be some sort of community in the wrongdoing, and the injury must be in some way due to their joint work, but it is not necessary that they be acting together or in concert if their concurring negligence occasions the injury. Brow v Twin Falls Land & Water Co. 24 Idaho 266, 133 P 673. All the tortfeasors are jointly and severally liable for all the damages done the injured party where the tort is committed by two or more persons jointly by force applied directly, or in the pursuit of a common purpose or design, or by concert, or in the advancement of a common interest, or as the result of joint concurrent negligence, although the wrongful conduct or negligence of some may have contributed less than that of others to the injury. Hale v Knoxville, 189 Tenn 491, 226 SW2d 265, 15 ALR2d 1283. A tort jointly committed by several may be treated as joint or several at the election of the aggrieved party. 52 Am J1st Torts § 110.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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