amount in controversy

The amount or value of the subject matter in litigation according to which the jurisdiction of a court may be limited. 20 Am J2d Cts § 154. A term involved in determining the jurisdiction of a court, either from the standpoint of the minimum amount with which the court can be concerned or a maximum amount which represents the limit of an inferior court's jurisdiction. As so used, amount in controversy, is determined according to the amount claimed by the plaintiff in his complaint, declaration, or petition, not by the amount as it later appears according to the evidence or as finally recovered by the plaintiff in the verdict, decision, or judgment. 20 Am J2d Cts § 155. If the demand of the plaintiff is for specific property, rather than a sum of money, the amount in controversy is determined according to the value of the property involved at or near the commencement of the suit. 54 Am J1st US Cts § 105.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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