Being dilatory; standing around or spending one's time idly. State v Badda, 97 W Va 417, 125 SE 159. Idling or lounging upon a street or other public way, especially in such manner or to such an extent as to interfere with or annoy travelers. 25 Am J1st High § 189. Wandering on the streets or in public places. 55 Am J1st Vag § 7. In reference to a statute rendering it a criminal offense on the part of the proprietor of a place for the sale of intoxicating liquors in permitting a minor to "loiter" in a saloon, some authorities take the position that a minor is "loitering" in such a place if he stays for an appreciable period of time, say 10 or 15 minutes. 30 Am J Rev ed Intox L § 260. See vagrancy.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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