member of household

An inmate or resident of a house in which two or more persons reside. A member of the insured's family for the purpose of a clause of an automobile theft insurance policy excepting from coverage a theft by a "member of the household" of the insured. Anno: 48 ALR2d 93, § 32. Within the meaning of a clause of an automobile liability insurance policy excluding from coverage "members of the insured's household":–a person living in the same household as the insured, whether or not the insured is the head of the household. Anno: 50 ALR2d 122, § 3. The question as to who is a member of the insured's household within the coverage clause of a property insurance policy depends upon the precise terminology of the particular policy involved and the particular circumstances present. Anno: 1 ALR2d 561.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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