The grounds of an argument or dissertation. In an instrument, something written before in the same instrument. Alaska Improv. Co. v Hirsch, 119 Cal 249, 255, 47 P 124, 51 P 340. A formal part of a deed, otherwise known as the caption, preceding the habendum clause, containing recitals of the grantor's motive for the conveyance, the names and designations of the parties, the consideration expressed for the deed, words of grant, and the description of the property conveyed. 23 Am J2d Deeds § 33. The part of a bill in equity which embraces the real substance of the suit, setting out all the essential facts on which the plaintiff relies as grounds of relief. 27 Am J2d Eq § 181. Real estate, particularly real estate with buildings. Meador v Blonde, 34 Wyo 397, 244 P 222. The word "premises," within the meaning of a clause in an insurance policy prohibiting the keeping of certain articles upon the premises, refers to the insured building, and is not inclusive of buildings not connected with the one insured or of the yard of the building insured. 29A Am J Rev ed Ins § 920. The word as used in a provision prohibiting the sale of liquor to be drunk on the "premises," is sufficiently broad to include a bench which touches the wall of a house just outside the street door, which is under the control of the house owner, but does not include an independent building not under his control, or the adjoining highway. 30 Am J Rev ed Intox L § 20.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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