public place

A place commonly open to the general public. Pugh v State, 55 Tex Crim 462, 117 SW 817. A place where the public resorts. Armstrong v New La Paz Gold Mining Co. (CA9 Cal) 107 F2d 453. Within a requirement as to the posting of notices: -a place to which the public resorts, so that a notice in such a place may be expected to be seen by persons who are interested in or affected by the subject of the notice. Anno: 2 ALR 1008; 30A Am J Rev ed Jud S § 52. Within the meaning of statutes defining the criminal offense of exposure of person:–a place where acts performed are likely to be seen by a number of casual observers, for example, a public highway or bus. 33 Am J1st Lewd etc § 7.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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