A newspaper or magazine; a book. Dissemination of information by notice given the public. State, ex rel. Torryson, v Gray, 21 Nev 378, 32 P 190. The issuance of a newspaper or magazine from the place where it has been printed. Re Monrovia Evening Post, 199 Cal 263, 248 P 1017. The composing, printing, issuance, and distribution of a newspaper to its subscribers and the public. Age-Herald Publishing Co. v Huddleston, 207 Ala 40, 92 So 193, 37 ALR 898, 905. The printing of a notice in a newspaper of general circulation and distribution. 39 Am J1st Notice § 30. A means of service of process where authorized by statute. 42 Am J1st Proc §§ 89 et seq. In reference to copyright and the law of literary property, those acts of an author which evidence a dedication of his work to the public and on which depends the loss of his common-law copyright, the acquisition of his statutory copyright, or both. American Visuals Corp. v Holland (CA2 NY) 239 F2d 740. In the law of libel and slander:–the communication of defamation to one or more persons other than the person defamed. 33 Am J1st L & S §§ 90 et seq. In criminal libel, a communication to anyone at all, even to the person defamed. 33 Am J1st L & S § 311.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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