An exchange of one commodity, article, or piece of real or personal property for another, sometimes including the addition on the one side of an amount of money known as boot. 30 Am J2d Exch P § 1. An occupation or calling; any ordinary occupation or business whether manual or mercantile. State v Cuthrell, 235 NC 173, 69 SE2d 233. Any occupation or business carried on for subsistence or profit. Re Pinkney, 47 Kan 89, 27 P 179; Campbell v Motion Picture Machine Operators' Union, 151 Minn 220, 186 NW 781, 27 ALR 631. Any employment in which one is engaged to procure a living or in which he habitually earns his living. 31 Am J2d Exemp § 51. A term implying a more or less continuous or habitual engagement in certain lines of industry, employment, or activity. 58 Am J1st Workm Comp § 82. Commerce generally. May v Sloan, 101 US 231, 25 L Ed 797. Exchange or dealing of any kind, but more especially the barter or purchase and sale of goods, wares and merchandise, either by wholesale or retail. Anno: 76 L Ed 1210. Buying and selling, even a sale of land. May v Sloan, 101 US 231, 25 L Ed 797. The term as used in the Sherman Anti-Trust Act is not synonymous with the word "commerce," "trade" being of more restricted import than the word "commerce." 36 Am J1st Monop etc § 157. Commerce relates to dealings with foreign nations; trade, on the contrary, means mutual traffic among ourselves, or the buying, selling, or exchanging of articles between members of the same community. Hooker v Vandewater (NY) 4 Denio 349. The word "trading" is the equivalent of the word "dealing" as applied to goods, wares, merchandise, and commodities, which words, in mercantile language, are always used with reference to corporeal substances, and never to mere choses in action. Fleckner v Bank of the United States (US) 8 Wheat 338, 353, 5 L Ed 631, 634.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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