Verb: Making play of another's affections. Adjective: Trivial. Paltry. Of little value; of little moment. Under the rule that an injunction will be denied where the injury complained of is of a trifling character which may be readily compensated by the allowance of damages, the word "trifling" means trifling per se and not trifling as compared with the injury which would result to the defendant from the granting of the injunction. Anno: 61 ALR 925. Under the principle that an injured party is required to prevent or lessen his damages if he can do so at a reasonable cost, or as commonly stated: "He must protect himself if he can do so at trifling expense," the word "trifling" has reference to the situation of the parties. II means a sum which is trifling in comparison with the consequential damages which the plaintiff seeks to recover in the particular case. So, a property owner is not required to make expenditures, which in proportion to the injury threatened are considerable, for the purpose of protecting his property. It seems that want of sufficient funds will excuse his absence of effort to lessen damages. 22 Am J2d Damg § 32.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.


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