unlawful assembly

A gathering of persons, usually three or more, with a common intent, formed before or at any time during the meeting, to attain a purpose, lawful or unlawful, which will interfere with the rights of others, by committing disorderly acts in such a manner as to cause sane, firm, and courageous persons in the neighborhood to apprehend a breach of the peace. Anno: 58 ALR 75 1, s. 93 ALR 737; 46 Am J1st Riot § 2. Each charge of unlawfully assembling largely and necessarily depends upon the object and character of the meeting, and whether or not the overt acts done by the participants therein pursuant to a common understanding are of such a nature as to incite well grounded fear in persons of reasonable firmness and courage, of a riot, rout, affray, or other breach of the peace. State v Butterworth, 104 NJL 579, 142 A 57, 58 ALR 744. See mob; riot.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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