vote of the people

A plurality or majority vote, as the case may be, of the qualified electors. In statutes providing for the issuance of bonds when authorized by "a vote of the people," the words "authorized by the vote" can but mean by a majority, as there are but two answers to be made to the question submitted,-an affirmative and a negative one; and, to be authorized, the matter of the proposition must receive the greater number or majority of the votes. It could not be a plurality, as might be when there are more than two candidates for office, and the one receiving the highest number of votes is elected, but may not have received a majority of the votes. The word "people," as used here, must mean "electors" or "voters. Bryan v Stephenson, 50 Neb 620, 70 NW 252.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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