way of necessity

A way acquired by an owner of land so situated that it is physically inaccessible to a public highway. Tomten v Thomas, 125 Mont 159, 232 P2d 723, 26 ALR2d 1285. An easement founded on an implied grant or implied reservation, arising where there is a conveyance of a part of a tract of land of such nature and extent that either the part conveyed or the part retained is shut off from access to a road to the outer world by the land from which it is severed or by this land and the land of strangers, there being in such a situation an implied grant of a way across the grantor's remaining land to the part conveyed, or conversely, an implied reservation of a way to the grantor's remaining land across the portion of the land conveyed, 25 Am J2d Ease § 34. What are "ways of necessity" within the meaning of constitutional or statutory provisions for condemnation of land to provide a way of necessity is a question that can be answered satisfactorily only by reference to the authorities in the particular jurisdiction, Some courts adhere to the view of absolute necessity; others are more liberal in construction of the term. 26 Am J2d Em D § 47.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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