acquets and conquets

The property jointly or severally acquired by husband and wife by industry or good fortune. With respect to such property the French law is the same as the Spanish, except that the personal property, only, possessed by the parties at the time of marriage, enters into the partnership, as also acquets and conquets acquired during coverture, whether real or personal. But real property, held by either party at the time of the marriage, continues to be held separately, unless the contrary is stipulated. The result of this community or partnership, both at the Spanish and French law is this: that on the dissolution of the partnership, the surviving party and the representative of the deceased each take back what was brought on his or her side into the partnership, and what remains, being considered as gains or profits, is equally divided as between partners. See Picotte v Cooley, 10 Mo 312, 318.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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