bona fide purchaser

One who purchases a chattel for value, without notice of a defect in the title of the person from whom he purchased or of the right of a seller in the chain of title to avoid or rescind the sale which he made. 46 Am J1st Sales § 465. One who purchases real estate with an honest purpose and for a valuable consideration, without knowledge or notice of outstanding interests or of facts or circumstances from which his knowledge of outstanding interests should be implied. 55 Am J1st V & P § 687. Possession of realty by one other than the grantor is sufficient to require the purchaser to make inquiry as to the rights of such other person in possession. Holgerson v Gard, 257 Ala 579, 60 So 2d 427, 33 ALR2d 1315. To constitute one a bona fide purchaser entitled to priority over one claiming under a prior equity or conveyance, he must be the purchaser of the legal title, as distinguished from the equitable title, in good faith, for value, without notice, at or before the time of parting with the consideration of such other's equity or conveyance. Larkins v Howard, 252 Ala 9, 39 So 2d 224, 7 ALR2d 541. See holder in due course.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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