business visitor

One who comes upon premises for the purpose of trade, commerce, or a business or commercial transaction, with one who keeps open upon the premises a store, shop, or office for the transaction of business with the public generally. 38 Am J1st Negl § 98; a person who is invited or permitted to enter or remain on land in the possession of another for a purpose directly or indirectly connected with business dealings between them. Yeager v Chapman, 233 Minn 1, 45 NW2d 776, 22 ALR2d 1260; a person who comes upon premises; not as an invited or uninvited guest, a volunteer, licensee, or employee of the occupant, or as anyone so connected with the occupant, that he must be deemed to accept the premises, dangers and all, as he finds them, but as one who has business to transact with the occupant, and upon the invitation of the occupant, express or implied. Indermaur v Dames (Eng) LR I CP 274. The status of an invitee on business premises may arise from a visit by one not on the premises for the purpose of the proprietor's business, but for the convenience of others on the premises for such purpose. Murphy v Kelly, 15 NJ 608, 105 A2d 841, 44 ALR2d 1316.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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