A digniori fieri debet denominatio

A designation should be made from the more fitting.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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  • a digniori fieri debet denominatio — /ey digniyoray fayaray debat danomaneysh(iy)ow/ Denomination ought to be from the more worthy. The description (of a place) should be taken from the more worthy subject (as from a will) …   Black's law dictionary

  • a digniori fieri debet denominatio et resolutio — /ey digniyoray fayaray debat danomaneysh(iy)ow et rezalfy uwsh(iy)ow/ The title and exposition of a thing ought to be derived from, or given, or made with reference to, the more worthy degree, quality, or species of it …   Black's law dictionary

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