ad assisas capiendas

The word "assize" is derived, according to Sir Edward Coke, from the Latin assideo, to sit together, and originally it signifies the jury who try the cause and sit together for that purpose. By a figure it is now made to signify the court or jurisdiction which summons this jury together by a commission of assize, or "ad assisas capiendas," which means, literally, at the summoning of the assizes. See 3 Bl Comm 185. a datu.. From the date.

Ballentine's law dictionary. . 1998.

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  • ad assisas capiendas — /aed asayzas kaepiyendes/ To take assises; to take or hold the assises. 3 Bl.Comm. 185, 352. Ad assisam capiendam; to take an assise …   Black's law dictionary

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